Tomorrow! Weds July 23rd How to manufacture in India and have a top NYC retail store chain in NYC with John Ruesch!

WEDS JULY 23rd at 6pm EST on THE CREATIVE PROCESS with Quinn Lemley or downloadable ANY TIME!

JOHN RUESCH owner and founder of BACKWOODS and creator of his own manufacturing line!

John Ruesh the owner and founder of Backwoods creates an oasis, a feeling, space that evokes the experience of another place.

A visit to Backwoods is reminiscent of a trip to an exotic outdoor market, filled with a veritable potpourri of exquisitely crafter clothing and unique, one of a kind gift items.  Begun in 1989 with the idea of combining the latest trends with updated classics and basics at affordable prices, the Backwoods emporium has become a hot destination for the fashion savvy and bargain hunter alike.  Inspired by the time honored traditions and sensibilities of the far east, backwoods offers a decidedly modern take on its vast array of merchandise; from hand-beaded dresses and embroidered blouses to artfully designed shawls and jewelry..


Backwoods is your passport to the ultimate destination for a unique, fun and bargan filled shopping adventure!  Backwoods 315 w 57th street bet 8 & 9 th ave 212 459 2975


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