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Actress, Singer and Radio Host
Actress, Singer and Radio Host
Actress, Singer and Radio Host




Quinn Lemley actress, singer and radio host


QUINN LEMLEY has appeared at major theatres and clubs around the world.

This year she returned to packed houses at BB King’s Blues Club NYC; Ruth Eckert Hall, Proctor’s Theatre, Ridgefield Playhouse, Peddie School CAAPS, OCC, 2 runs at The Kravis Center, Van Wezel, Naples Philharmonic, Thousand Oaks Civic Center, Dougherty Valley PAC and (three runs – 35 shows sold out)  The Half Note in Athens, Greece, followed by 15 sold out shows at The Joslyn Theatre, Palm Desert, CA.  Additional engagements include The Annenberg & McCallum in Palm Springs, CA, NYC’s Algonquin, Town Hall, Symphony Space, LA’s Spazzio, The Knitting Factory and Gardenia including International tours of Switzerland and Mainland China.

An actress, as well as vocalist, Quinn has brought her critically acclaimed performance while leaving a taste of the glamour from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Quinn’s New York stage credits include Israel Horovitz’ Barking Sharks, Off-Broadway workshops of Rita!; Hollywood Goddess and a Turkish tour of David Ives’  Universal Language.  Quinn also lectures on The Creative Process and is in the midst of writing the book on making your creative dreams a reality.

She is thrilled to be hosting THE CREATIVE PROCESS From Acorn to Oak Tree Wednesday night’s live at 6pm at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/Quinn which will also be available as a download!

Quinn has recorded 5 CD’s; Sirens, Cocktails With a Twist, Dance or Die, The Heat Is On! and Live! At The Half Note. Available at www.QuinnLemley.com andon You Tube. A native of Columbus, Indiana now living in New York City, she has appeared on Good Morning America,Oprah and Geraldo.

To Watch A Clip of Quinn in THE HEAT IS ON! A Life in Concert Celebrating Rita Hayworth

Click Here:

To Watch Quinn Lemley in SEXY SMOKIN STANDARDS Click Here:

To Purchase Quinn’s Music

Go to www.myspace.com/QuinnLemleyCAMA

or to 




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For Concerts and Personal Appearances Contact:






Please visit Quinn at: www.QuinnLemley.com




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  1. qlemley replied:

    Quinn Lemley stars in THE HEAT IS ON! A life in concert celebrating Rita Hayworth

    Quinn Lemley, The Creative Process, Sharmen Lane, 7 Secrets to Create Your Fate, Success Made Simple, Blog Talk Radio, Voice of America, self help, motivation, creativity, life, love, marketing, success, talk, women, radio show, women, education, empowerment, inspiration

    Quinn Lemley in Sexy. Smokin Standards

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