Quinn Lemley and the Creative Process interviews the creators of DREAMTIME, an upcoming PBS Series on dreams & how they inform our lives!

from Acorn to Oak Tree
Weds June 4th at 6pm est
Christine Lemley, executive producer and Viki Anderson director and producer of the exciting new PBS Series DREAMTIME
DREAMTIME is an educational public television series under development that will unravel the mystery of dreams. You’ll learn why we dream, how to remember your dreams and how to understand the simple language with which your dreams speak and offer guidance every night. We all dream! Since the dawn of consciousness, poignant, frightening and inspiring dreams have colored the fabric of human life. No matter our culture, age, sex, or socioeconomic status, dreams speak a universal language. www.dreamtimetv.org
Robert Hoss, MS, author of Dream Language, ex-officer and past president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. Founding director of Dream Science Foundation for research grants. Faculty of The Haden Institute for Dream Leadership Training and former adjuct faculty of Sonoma State University and Scottsdale College.www.dreamscience.org
Wednesday June 4that 6pm est
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Elizabeth Webb, owner of LA VIDA FEMME. “Unlocking fun, fearlessness and fabulouslity”
La Vida Femme [lä vé d∂ fem] n., 1. A group of fabulously fun women who relish life and unlock breathtaking possibilities for each other.
Elizabeth Webb, founder and CEO of La Vida Femme, is regarded as New York’s premiere Lifestyle & Relationship Coach. Dubbed “Lady E” by her clients, Elizabeth specializes in helping women attract and build luscious, radiant, fabulous relationships! Not only is Lady E one of the best lifestyle coaches around, guiding her clients to greater heights personally and professionally, Elizabeth has a talent to bring women together to follow and achieve their dreams. She has not only built a wonderful practice, but also created a community! www.lavidafemme.com
WEDNESDAY JUNE 18th, 6pm est Diana Rankin at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Quinn
Diana Rankin, author of 23 Days A Celtic Journey, Healing Sotries from this Sacred Land is a poet, intuitive, Shamen and workshop leader. She is currently offering her workshops and developing a center on INTUITIVE CARE.
Intuitive Care is a seminar is designed to help health-care providers open and develop their intuition that they may give compassionate health care that is in tune with each individual patient’s needs. Diana Rankin learned first hand the need for health care providers to tap into their intuition when treating patients after she spent time in both a trauma unit and a nursing home following a motorcycle accident September 2, 2007. www.DianaRankin.com

WEDNESDAY JUNE 25, at 6 PM est Producer & Founding Director of Coachella Valley Repertory (CV REP), RON CELONA at www.blogtalkradio.com/Quinn
Ron Celona first started his journey by Dream Painting, which lead him on an incredible journey founding a theatre at The Josyln Theatre in Palm Springs, CA. He produced, presented and directed many productions bringing quality productions to Palm Springs. His latest venture is Coachella Valley Repertory (CV REP) one of California’s newest Non-Profit Theatre Companies. To create and provide educational, dramatic and musical theatre, whose primary goal is to present innovative, first-rate professional theatrical productions, programs and special events for the enrichment, entertainment and education of the region’s residents and visitors. Ron will talk about his vision and what it takes to create a theatre company from the ground up and his continued dedication to his community. www.cvrep.org

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Quinn Lemley debuts THE CREATIVE PROCESS with author, speaker and radio host SHARMEN LANE on Weds May 28th at 6pm est at www.blogtalkradio.com/quinn

Sharmen Lane

Weds May 28th Quinn Lemley will debut THE CREATIVE PROCESS from Acorn to Oak Tree with special guest, SHARMEN LANE, author of 7 Secrets to Create Your Fate, motivational speaker and radio host of Success Made Simple on VoiceofAmerica.com on www.blogtalkradio.com/Quinn Weds May 28th at 6pm EST LIVE or Free Downloads!  

What better way to start the CP series with author, Sharmen Lane, 7 Secrets to Create Your Fate, motivational speaker and radio host Success Made Simple at VoiceofAmerica.com. From manicurist to millionaire, Sharmen Lane always had a dream to be an author and motivational speaker. She left corporate America to pursue her dream of being a full time writer, speaker and radio host! You’ll see what it takes to get published, represented and booked! 

Sharmen Lane is an Author, Speaker, and Radio Host who has her own live internet radio program, Success Made Simple on VoiceAmerica.com and Webtalkradio.net.   Sharmen gives you the Sizzle and the Steak.  Unlike most motivational speakers who just give you the rah rah excitement, Shar takes it a step further. She gives you the motivation and inspiration along with the actual information and tangible tools to create the life you want.

She is represented by a literary agent who has represented some of the most successful authors in the country like Eckhart Tolle, Kevin Trudeau and was responsible for the For Dummies Series. Shar gives practical tools and tips to help make you successful at achieving your goals, no matter what they are. 

 Sharmen Lane

Sharmen wrote the book titled “The 7 Secrets to Create Your Fate”, a personal growth, self development book that provides the motivation, inspiration and information to help you create the life you dream of.  It’s made up of her own life experiences or those she has interviewed or coached.  She has personally gone from being a manicurist to millionaire and she did it by using all the principles described in her book. Shar takes you from now to wow and shows you how to make it all happen.  

She is also a motivational speaker who has trained, managed, and coached thousands of individuals on what it takes to get what they want.  She currently has several programs. The 7 Secrets to Success, Success Made Simple (easy as ABC), the 3 C’s To Success, The 7 Secrets to Create Your Fate and GPS~Navigate Your Way To The Life You Want, just to name a few.


Shar was interviewed on “America’s Leadership Tribute” show produced by NPR (National Public Radio) that was broadcast on all American Airlines and US Airways flights worldwide.  She has been in many publications including the New York Daily News and has spoken for several large companies like New Century Mortgage, 1st Vanguard, World Financial Group, Pulte Homes, and Montessori Schools. 

Each week, Quinn Lemley takes us on the journey of the Creative Process with guests who have taken an idea and created their dream. Creators of all types, musicians, actors, filmmakers, chefs, entrepreneurs, artists ANY ONE with a creative idea tells about their process! Tune in Weds at 6 pm EST at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/Quinn 

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THE CREATIVE PROCESS features different guests each week talking about their projects and what it took to get there!

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– Quinn

www.SharSpeaks. com


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